Energy self-supplying system (ESS)

AVP GmbH | Energie: Energy self-supplying systems by means of regenerative energy sources as well as intelligent, fully automated building electronic control systems for private households, small companies and agricultural buildings


The AVP GmbH | Energie together with other major producers of the energy sector and the support of a university in intensive project work for five years, developed a unique energy self-supplying system. Regenerative energy is produced directly on the building and is distributed to all electronic users (e.g. TV, lights, phones etc) fully automated through the existing house supply lines. It also supplies and supports significantly the existing building heating system with hot water. The electricity surplus is saved in a battery module and can be used immediately when needed.


If more electricity is needed than the regenerative energy source and the battery system together can supply, electricity through the public net will be released. The electronic control system works fully automated (“smart”) and does not need to be maintained.


For households, it would be most economical not to completely self-supply, but the majority. So, for a household of four, 75 % of the electricity, hot water and heating costs can be saved through the energy self-supplying system.





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