Energy self-supplying system: Customer service for installments, expansion and renewal

Customer service


Detailled customer service for all questions in reference to the energy self-supplying system is through AVP GbmH Energie, licensed trade companies. This ensures you as high demand customers a utmost customer service quality as well as liability. Your consultant will design your energy self-supplying system in accordance with your wishes, will calculate responsibly and install your energy self-supplying system in best performance.

Very good for you: From consultation to the final installation of your energy self-supplying system: everything from a trusted source.


Retrofitting or restoring of your existing hot water and heating system

Existing building heating systems and boilers can be retrofitted or expanded without any problems. This is generally valid for all hot water and heating systems, e. g. oil heating systems, natural gas heating systems, electricity systems of all kind, pellet heating systems, power-heating systems etc. For new constructions and complete heating changes heating pumps of all kinds are economically and ecologically appropriate.

The energy self-supplying system is generally compatible with all usual systems and material producers.



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