Energy self-supplying sytem: advantages and reasons for purchase:


There are many advantages and arguments to purchase the energy self-supplying system, we put them in different categories for a better over-all-look.


 Advantages of the energy self-supplying system (ESS) and arguments to purchase

  • Generally:
  • High monetary advantages through significant energy-savings with electricity, hot water and heating
  • Low amortisation time
  • CO2 free bio energy self-supplying
  • Sustainable contribution for environment awareness and to protect environment
  • Mainly or completely energy independent and own determination
  • Practicality: simple and individual designed module solutions
  • Low or no effect of the future electricity and energy price increase on your household
  • Perfectly adequate for one family or multifamily homes, smaller business buildings as well as agricultural buildings
  • Optimal for buildings with connection on the public energy supply lines, but also for remote rural areas without or only limited connection on the public supply lines
  • Most modern technology with ESS unique selling points
  • Officially eligible for financial aid (optional)
  • Building of a reasonable, private long-term pension provision of e. g. 20 or 30 years when saving the effective earnings from the energy savings
  • Net stabilizing (electricity)
  • Optimal aesthetics of all ESS components
  • Photovoltaics (optional):
  • In ESS optimal size, can be installed usually without official approval in accordance with construction laws
  • Modern photovoltaics modules produce alone much more electricity than which is needed for the production of the modules
  • House wind turbines and small wind turbines (each optional):
  • Each can be usually installed without official approval in accordance with construction laws
  • Very steady design
  • Lightest weight
  • No or hardly hard shadows
  • No noise pollution
  • Optimized, only small effect on insects and bird flights
  • Fully automated building generation (optional) with energy storage (optional):
  • In accordance with construction laws, usually can be installed without approval
  • Energy storage is mostly recommended, as energy surplus is automatically stored and available when needed
  • Several regenerative energy sources can be connected to the control system and processed
  • Financing and insurance (optional) of ESS:
  • Financing is generally ensured through cooperation of the AVP GmbH Energie with numerous German, locally available banks
  • The ESS can generally be insured through cooperation of the AVP GmbH Energie with a big German Insurance company with numerous local branches for all risks and loss of profit
  • Rental / Sell of a real estate with ESS as well as accounting aspects:
  • Increase of value / increase of selling price of the real estate with ESS
  • ESS energy can be sold, e. g. directly as electricity to the tenant
  • Recognized values through ESS
  • Social and political responsibility:
  • Completion to optimize energy sources
  • Federal and state contract energy policy
  • Vast minimizing of energy costs
  • Execution energy optimisation „rural areas“
  • Minimizing of the usage of usual energy sources such as oil, natural gas, coal etc
  • Support of the step-by-step nuclear generated energy phase out as well as decrease of nuclear waste
  • Contribution to the reduction of the global warming with various known negative effects


Intelligent, regenerative energy self-supplying:


The CERTAINTY and SECURITY, to be able to produce the reasonable part of the own electricity, hot water and heating energy and be able to save continuously energy cost: PRICELESS.


Development and core products for the energy self-supplying system:


Fully automated building control system „smart heater" with energy storage for electricity, hot water and heating: co-development AVP. Production and licensing procedure by Krentzel GmbH exclusively for AVP


Heating pumps of all kind for commercial customers at exclusive whole sale prices

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