Energy self-supplying system: purchasing or financing

The energy self-supplying system can, of course, be purchased, however, generally also through several regional available money institutes financed. In many cases the financing can occur without an entry into the land registry. The turn-around time for the approvals is often 48 hours after sending in the required documents in accordance with the simple procedure.


With the option to finance the ESS, people who could not afford to purchase it at once, can purchase it and take advantage immediately of the ecological and economical aspects of the energy self-supplying system, with significant savings in heating, hot water and electricity costs.



Optionally the energy self-supplying system can be insured broadly. A big German Insurance company is taking on the important risks in connection with energy self-supplying system, such as damages through severe weather with hail, through coverage of all risks including loss of profit.






Intelligent, regenerative energy self-supplying:


The CERTAINTY and SECURITY, to be able to produce the reasonable part of the own electricity, hot water and heating energy and be able to save continuously energy cost: PRICELESS.


Development and core products for the energy self-supplying system:


Fully automated building control system „smart heater" with energy storage for electricity, hot water and heating: co-development AVP. Production and licensing procedure by Krentzel GmbH exclusively for AVP


Heating pumps of all kind for commercial customers at exclusive whole sale prices

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