Responsibility and product solutions

The AVP GmbH, department for energy, located in the Bavarian Amberg Upper Palatinate, has been focusing intensively on diverse energy questions, developments and means of solutions since 2006.


So we metamorphosed from visionaries to product developers and producers in the global section ecology / energy self-supplying. Following aspects were and are important to us in the responsible dealings with buildings-useful-energy:


  • Renewable regenerative means of energy
  • Flexible electricity supplying-, hot water- and heating systems for as many home owners as possible (private homes, smaller companies, agricultural buildings)
  • Modular-easy created system solutions
  • Cheap purchasing prices and in co-operation with financing institutions fully financeable
  • Full compatibility and extendability to already existing electricity and heating systems


The mentioned aspects, which are important to us, result in - among others - following ideas, designs, developments and products:


  • A horizontal house wind turbine, developed with the support of a german university. Unique, super light, can be installed without any problems, optimum wind and electricity yield, usually installable without a permission requirement (*)


  • A horizontal small wind turbine, developed with the support of a german university, for buildings, businesses and agricultural areas, quiet and highly efficient, usually installable without permission requirements (*)


  • Our unique, fully automated, intelligent energy self-supplying system as a technical module solution with storage unit for the supply regulation of a building with electricity, hot water and heating performance

* The information on the usually license free installation refers to Germany and may differ in other countries.




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