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AVP GmbH Energy supports globally operating relief organisations and provides them with mobile ESS-Systems without profit orientation. For that we need your donations. At the moment we are contacting several organisations to determine the required power settings.

AVP GmbH | Energy: Social projects

We, the AVP GmbH | Energy, together with our employees engage in social projects and tasks.

In this connection we prepare concepts for catastrophy and crisis areas worldwide, where we can assist and help with self-sufficient energy supply respectively decentralized energy supply.


We are available for your foundations, associations, institutions and organizations with our know-how and our engagement.

Hayag International is a German social organization, which has been helping and engaging locally for many years in the Philippines.

In November 2013 a broad area of the country was hit by a flood storm and was partially or completely destroyed. Thousands died, many became homeless. Parts of the infrastructure like for example the energy supply was destroyed and must be re-build again, which might take years.


In close cooperation with our friends from Hayag, we are working on an easy to operate, mobile energy self-supplying system, specifically adjusted for the Philippines. The system can be operated as a hybrid energy system through wind and sun.


We, the AVP are looking forward being a part of the team.

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